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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ba da ba ba ba from fox five news, this is good day wake up. >> juliet: it is a lovely shot. it is 6:00 a.m. on monday. it will be a dry start to the week. some. some sun and clouds with a chance of rain tomorrow. >> ben: things have been interesting for a while. it sets off about ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up to try to battle donald trump. will tell you what is going on in the battle to the white house. >> juliet: in local politics
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bill diblasio is there is an investigation continuing to grow with new reports alleges he violated campaign finance laws and you could see criminal action going on. >> ben: if you're going across the hudson, leave the cash at home. drivers will no longer stop or slow down at the toll booth. that is a thing of the past. if you do not have an easy pass you will get a bill in the mail. if you do not get a bill they probably lost it and you'll get a fine. >> juliet: so true. remember when i told you guys that i do this thing that cries my boyfriend crazy i go yeah excavation point. my brother john and i were walking home from dinner and i hear this, yeah.
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balcony and she said i watch you and she knows the, yeah thing. so it's now becoming a thing. >> ben: so it's going to happen everywhere you go? >> juliet: yes. it's funny. if you see ben or mike on the street and you want to do that to them go ahead. >> mike: let's see what's going on out there. we have a little bit of everything. a few more clouds, 53 degrees 53 degrees wins coming in at the east northeast.
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47 degrees in white plains, and 50 degrees in. right now. there are some showers to the west of us but we don't expect the rain to kick in until sometime late this tomorrow morning. there'll be a shot of showers heading into tomorrow. a lot of people want the right faults and act the tree pollen on appear. it is at a high level right now. if you're having allergy issues that's probably it. temps temps go up to 59 degrees by 11:00 a.m. high of 60 degrees today. showers making it come back tomorrow and try not by wednesday, thursday another chance of showers coming through. should be dry on friday. look in sunny.
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let's look at the commute. >> ines: the commute does look good. things are fine with the l ie and northern state parkway. new jersey, on on route 80 no as for the trains, metro-north, long island long island rail road, new jersey transit and the past trains are running on are close. >> ben: you decide, 2016. >> juliet: they are coordinating efforts and campaigns to deny donald trump delegates. >> good morning. interesting would be one way to describe it, president would be another. be another. this is a divide and conquer strategy. john kasich focuses on organ in mexico and ted cruz concentrates
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they maximize the what they receive in then donald trump doesn't get the delegates. >> if you can't beat them, join his join his appointed. that's the strategy that john casey can ted cruz talked about yesterday. our campaign will focus its time and resources in indiana and turn clear the path for evan or casey to compete in oregon and new mexico, the ted cruz campaign said. john kasich said we will shift our resources weston give cruz a clear path in indiana. they're trying to deny trump at the delegates he need to secure the nomination. trump reacted on twitter, wow, just announce lion ted and casey are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the republican nomination. desperation. before the announcements he
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lots of late. >> it is a rigged system, believe me. >> occurs campaign and it illinois yesterday were case against agreed no longer to compete. and he took a shot at tron. >> it's very easy to talk about making america great again, but the real question is, does he understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? maintains he would be the strongest republican nominee. >> i think delegates delegates are smart when it comes to picking someone who can actually >> it was a less eventful day on the democratic side. in connecticut, one of five states to hold primaries tomorrow. >> everybody in this country should feel whatever you race, ethnicity, religion, where you live, that you are going to be treated equally. >> let me thank you for having
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part of a political revolution. >> backed republicans, remember how john kasich had agreed not to compete with cruise in indiana, in indiana, john kasich had to rally scheduled in indiana tomorrow but those have since disappeared from his schedule. >> juliet: thank you very much. the investigation of mayor bill diblasio continues to grow as a new reports alleges he violated campaign finance laws. >> ben: tresa joins us live from the lower east side, we know at least three investigations under underway. >> reporter: is getting tough to keep track of all of them. we are going to add one more to the list though. today were talking about the lower east side, you can see the building behind me. this is one of the buildings in question this morning for who is
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according to a new bombshell report this building was always used as a healthcare nonprofit, restrictions on it. in november those restrictions were lifted, the building was so old for a hefty sum. now reports that the buyer and the nonprofit has ties with the mayor. there's that report and then this about one of the mayor's cornerstone agendas, universal pre-k. the new york post reports the mayor's office of contract services s the 50-year-old fund for the city of new york to give what is referred to as bridge loans to for preschools, to troubled to acquire city contracts. away his critics say is a way of assuring public schools to be eligible without media requirements. if true the mayor would be using the city's fund as a personal slush one. the department the department of education has a dropped these were pre-k providers, the posters planning to ask the city to repay that
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everything we have done the beginning has been done with integrity. >> reporter: at the mayor the multiple scandals on friday. including this one involving the state election board. this from a top investigator which leaked to the press accuses the mayor and his political team of willful and flagrant violations of campaign finance laws. deliberately circumventing donation limits in order to win the state senate in 2014. the authors memo referred it to the da. that is not sitting well with diblasio's team who issued a stated retort saying sugarman has shocking log of understanding or complete disregard of the most fundamental aspects of the state election law. >> we separate the beginning if there's an investigation going on will happily participate. we'll support it.
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one investigation, there's multiple into the mayor's fundraising efforts. some involve his nonprofit campaign one for new york, others include top businessmen and what if any favors they were granted in exchange for cash. one more note on the building behind me there's the in the daily news this morning that in order to sell a nonprofit in the state the state health department and attorney general's office need to take a look at the deal and sign off on it. in the daily news today, but but the attorney general's office and the health department said that they were misled when it comes to the particular surrounding this building and
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that remains to be seen. >> ben: more still to come on more of these investigations. thank you very much for that report. police are searching for a man who tried to rape a woman on the lower east side. >> juliet: it happened saturday afternoon near stanton and pitt street. police say the man followed a 24-year-old woman into an elevator and began to grow per. he followed her to her apartment, and ran off when another man came to the door. the suspect is described as 16 - 20 years old, five-20 years old, 5-foot 3 inches and 130 pat. if you have any information please call crime stoppers. this is the first -- >> ben: it's not free. it's an easy pass only cashless payment went into effect over the weekend. if you don't have easy pass don't worry, they will find you, they will take a picture of your license plate and send you
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more to, including the latest into the evisceration into princes death. >> juliet: mike is watching the weather forecast for a. >> mike: sun and clouds out there today. more sun in the afternoon. it is 53 degrees, normal height today 65 degrees and 5 degrees and we will be close to that later on. daily and hourly forecast on the fox five ny weather app, it will break down the forecast for the day and beyond. download it today and put it to work. we'll be back in a little make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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>> ben: we are back. it was a nice weekend. saturday cleared up and yesterday was a great. >> juliet: it was gorgeous. we did a little karaoke action. that was a lots of fun. a lot of nonsense float around social media. >> mike: around that or whatever? >> juliet: yeah it was a lot of fun. >> mike: i went to philly this weekend. >> ben: you did all the historical stuff. >> mike: yes.
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when in rome, do it you have to do. it was great weekend, yesterday a particular. lots of sun and cold temps. it looks like we are in a decent weather pattern even though we have rain here and there. it is a 51 in bridgeport and isolate. winds are light and variable, it does not look like that's really a player out there. clouds are making a comeback but rainmaker is not an issue for us just yet. there is actually an area of low pressure to the west of us with a warm front, cold front will be working its way through. today your fine during the day. starts off with mark cloud cover and that should break off later in the day. tomorrow will have rain in the morning commute and afternoon and evening. periods of rain will be coming
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with possible. it will be out of here by the time gets to wednesday. the good news is it doesn't stick around for too long. we could use we could use the rain. were about an inch or so behind or 3 inches for the year. we use it to clear out the pollen. high temp today goes out to 60 degrees. tomorrow 64 degrees. showers should be out of here by wednesday. thursday shower chances are back again and that's out of here before the weekend. high temps are in the low 60s. a lot of activities going on this weekend. >> ines: here's the commute this morning. problems on 78. expect delays eastbound approaching exit 26. an exit 26. an accident blocking the lane. bronx no problem on the cross bronx of the hudson river parkway.
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on the l ie 16107 oh pounds westbound eastbound, lincoln tunnel is starting to see normal delays into the city. about a the city. about 15 or 20 minute wait. >> juliet: president obama is sending to him 50 more u.s. military personnel to syria. >> ben: they will join 50 operation forces on the ground helping horses battle isis. the announcement came as he met with the german chancellor about finding ways to and the syrian civil war and refugee crisis. the president the president says the ideas to create negotiated safe zones for civilians in the country. >> that concept of ultimately bringing safety and security into the country was entirely consistent with for trying to do in our negotiations. >> ben: germany in the united states dismissed the idea of a
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intervention in syria to protect civilians. >> juliet: new york sr. senators calling out his fellow lawmakers in hopes of stopping the zika virus. charles schumer wants congress to move quickly on the presence $1.9 billion emergency funding request. money would go to a mosquito control programs testing and vaccine development. there have been 800 cases nationwide, 40 in the five boroughs. a link has been confirmed between zika and present women is severe birth defects. >> ben: were learning more about prince's final days. he had been awake for 154 hours, hundred 54 hours, that was six map days before he died. he was found dead outside -- inside his complex on friday. he was cremated on friday in a public celebration is being planned in the future. more to still to come, warnings about the dangers of laundry pods.
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>> ben: laundry detergent packets or pods may be dangerous especially for kids. we told you about this before. there were there were more than 22000 incidents involving children younger than six, 70% increase. on average there's a call to poison control center children getting into five minutes for children getting into them and thinking their candy. one child was per day was hospitalized they bite down on the packet and they burst sending a toxic chemical into their throats. >> it can cause serious burns and can cause serious damage. when absorbed it can have effects on the brain. >> ben: parents with young children should avoid using the larger packets altogether but if they do use them store them high, out out of reach in a locked cabinet. i think same thing for the dish detergent. >> juliet: yes, they look just
6:24 am
you not to. let's get out to jim smith, he is over oceanside long island, there is a fire burning, what can you tell us. >> reporter: it is a fire in an apartment building on long beach road near windsor parkway. it it started around 4:00 a.m. scene springwater into the building. it looks like it's not officially under control at this point. it's an apartment building at least two stories level. no injuries have been reported. people in the building have been evacuated. we see some of them being gathered in a nearby parking lot. the cause of the fire is still not known. once they get into the building they can investigate the cause of the fire. the good news is no injuries have been reported. the fire still ongoing. back to you.
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thank you very much. >> juliet: isn't like the taco bell area, there's a pup there as well. your top stories when we come back. >> ben: how 28 pages have been secret sense september 11, will they be released soon? we will be right back. to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring
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>> from fox five news, this is good day wake up. >> juliet: good morning everyone. it will be a cloudy start to the picks through. we could expect highs near 70. >> ben: saudi arabia's did they have connection to the hijackers quest market could soon be
6:29 am
>> juliet: when were looking at the presidential race but it is getting a little ugly here too. the investigation of merit build diblasio's continuing to grow, yet another report out alleging he violated campaign finance laws. we will tell you about it. >> ben: a big night for the islanders, double-overtime, they advance in the stanley cup playoffs 630 just about, good morning. >> juliet: i'm juliet, things were joining things are joining us. let's look at a check of the weather. >> mike: your high temps for today is 68 degrees. the average high 65. the record highs 91 degrees. that would be a little a little rough but that's not happening today. we do have clouds out there and
6:30 am
hour. philly is at 50, 51 in dc, mild throughout, mild throughout the northeast. forty-six in albany and boston. there's a stall out front that is hanging out close to the tri-state region. that's why why we have more cloud cover right now. knock went to see a bit of a sunny day like yesterday. in fact we do have rain on the way but that will hold off till tomorrow. today is a mix of sun and clouds, high temps coming in between 68 degrees. winds are five - 10 miles per hour. later tonight we will see cloudy skies and clouds will thicken and showers late tonight into tomorrow morning. lows between 45-55 degrees. sixty-four is high tomorrow, showers rolled by dryer on wednesday. thursday another chance of showers in the later half of the day. let's take a peek at the traffic
6:31 am
we have a problem on 78. expect delays eastbound if you're heading toward to 87 there's a by exit 86. it's an accident investigation. the westchester county goes you're fine, no no issues crossing the tappan zee bridge. let's go to the cameras on the l ie, westbound, eastbound traffic looking good, running good, running on are close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> ben: some of those secret pages, the 20 pages of the 911 report have been secret. they been classified and soon after those attacks they could be released soon by the obama administration. >> juliet: it's a move that a lot of 9/11 families have been calling for. carried joins us live with more. >> reporter: good morning. were talking about 20 pages of of congressional report that was
6:32 am
2002. since then those pages have been withheld from president george w. bush. they been kept in a secure room in the basement of the capitol building. now, the white house is considering declassified in at least part of the documents within the next several weeks. many have questioned whether the classified material contains evidence that members of the saudi government provided aid and support to the 9/11 attackers. fifteen of the 16 hijackers were saudi citizens. friends friends of victim say these pages and should be revealed. >> it affected 3000 families, we want those pages release. we deserve to know what happened that day and to know that those responsible responsible will be
6:33 am
>> reporter: the 28 pages are at the center of dispute of whether americans should be able to sue saudi arabia for damages. the saudi government meanwhile says it welcomes the release of these pages so that it can respond to any actual allegations. that is the latest. now back to you. >> juliet: thank you very much. in an unprecedented move, republican presidential candidates degrees in gigantic have decided to form an alliance together. there mangle, their only goal is to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. >> ben: they released near simultaneous statements last night. they explain what they're going to do here. right right now, only donald trump can mathematically get enough delegates to get the nomination out right before the convention. it's still an uphill battle for him. the ted cruz campaign will leave oregon and new mexico take a sick sick while john k-6 said they will clear path for cruise in indiana. trump reacted to that. >> it is a rigged system.
6:34 am
sanders both campaigned in connecticut one of the primaries tomorrow. >> juliet: another scandal, this time around build diblasio. the new york post reporting his office range for for private pk programs to get a $1.3 million loan from a nonprofit fund. the schools were were apparently to trouble to acquire city contracts. now according to the post, the mayor's office plants use taxpayer money to repay those loans. the loans. the mayor insists he has done nothing wrong. >> ben: the subway system where 62 people died in terror attacks in brussels is open once again. riders will also see attribute wall honoring the victims of last month suicide bombing. the march 22 blast happened aboard a train as it was leaving the station. >> juliet: 6:34 a.m.
6:35 am
>> reporter: a good morning. >> juliet: must talk about cosco. >> they do this every couple of years, and maybe early 2017 it is the year they hike prices. the annual membership reportedly going to $60 from $55. for an executive it goes from 110 until -- $120 per year's. also if you want to pay for the outdoor furniture set you just got there you have to pay for a visa card. the american membership american's press is over an ounce when with with visa. that's expected to be good with the company. it's going to bring in an additional 2,000,000 customers customers for that. as for hiking of those fees, they're predicting the fees we are talking about. we'll see what customers do i don't think it will impact them
6:36 am
accept all of the credit cards? maybe they could get a lucrative deal. >> juliet: it messes things up for us, should they focus on us. >> ben: yeah you buy $500 for for the stuff and their role in out the hundreds. >> they want the cash. >> juliet: thank you very much. >> ben: you can catch lauren on the foxbusiness network. solar powered plane on the journey around the world made a landing in california after a risky three-day flight across the pacific ocean. would you go gone missing with only the sun to power you. >> juliet: nope. he began his flight thursday morning in hawaii. the touchdown on saturday evening. the plane is completed powered
6:37 am
solar cells. it started it around the world journey in march 2015 at the united emirate somerset to touchdown in new york in june. i saw one of those flying over my building yesterday, they are so big. >> ben: are you talking about the double-decker plane? >> juliet: i think so. the dream liner. >> ben: will the dream liner is different. >> juliet: well whatever it is, it's huge. a massive coral reef system has been discovered at the mouth of the amazon river. i'm sure they have been a lot of disgusting, creepy crawly things in here. >> ben: probably puranas. from french to brazil, it came as a complete shock as reefs usually thrive in clearwater not
6:38 am
they found over 60 species of sponges. seventy-three species of fish. the discovery was announced in the journal of science. not to be and it came after years of studying the water. >> juliet: that's a place i would never visit. this is what you call running with your head above the clouds. british astronaut took part in the london marathon even though he was aboard the international space ace station. he made the countdown and then ran on the treadmill 250 miles with the other participants. even saw the real root under his feet and he finished in three hours and 35 minutes. >> ben: you can see he's tethered on both sides to stay down.
6:39 am
when you weigh nothing. >> juliet: it would be just an easier run. maybe something i can even do. >> ben: we will see. >> juliet: probably not. >> mike: good morning to you both. that show you what is happening out there. things like that marathon and bike tours going on next weekend the weather will cooperate. first of all sun and clouds, more clouds right now but we expect more sun in the afternoon with temps close to 70 degrees. increase clouds later tonight and shower chances pick up tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow you'll see periods of rainfall. it gets a little cooler later in the week. our temps are doing an up-and-down thing. a little rain here and there, let's take a look at the commute this morning. >> ines: good morning.
6:40 am
an extra reported causing delays either shared them. we'll go to the gwb upper level, normal 20 - 30 minutes minutes upper level and 50-20 on the lower. the holland tunnel five-ten minutes. duke is here with a look at sports. >> duke: the islanders do something they haven't done since 1993, what an incredible game last night at berkeley center. highlights when we come back.
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>> ben: monday morning, april 20 fifth, checking headlines for you. police are searching for a man who tried to rape a woman on the lower east side. this happens saturday afternoon, the suspect, take a look the suspect, take a look he is described as a 16-20 years old and 5-foot 3 inches and a hundred 30 pounds. >> juliet: were trying to figure out what causes huge fire in brooklyn. flames and smoke just during three homes. it took about five hours to bring it under control. five people including firefighters suffered injuries.
6:44 am
easy pass weekday. cashless payments went into effect over the weekend. cameras will take a picture of your license plate and you will be billed by mail. >> ben: the so-called laws of baseball. so for a record price. >> juliet: someone paid $3.2 million yesterday for the papers from 1850. the original rules written by daniel adams define how the game was played. the previous record high score based ball document was just over 1,000,000 dollars and that was it babe ruth's 1918 red sox contract. serious cash there. >> duke: does not me. me. what region in 1993? >> juliet: i was working in california.
6:45 am
school. the reason i ask is the last time and islanders won a plant series was 1993. that was until last night. the play six of the layoff series. jonathan scores right here putting the panthers up one-zero. it look like that would hold up florida was less than one minute away from forcing a game seven. at the 19 oh six mark they score the game-tying role. we go go to a second overtime. the game ended about 11:20 p.m. beautiful goal, wraparound goal, is the first time since 1993 the islanders when a playoff a playoff series begin panthers two-one.
6:46 am
none on -- islanders taken tampa bay in the next round. in baseball jacob is back on the mounts it was the mets home opener. jackson is doing much better after having health issues. he pitched well yesterday striking out in the third inning, he finished with three strikeouts of the day. i thought his offspeed stuff especially his curveball is one of his best pitch. the comeback right there and it striking out three mets went three-two. yankees trying to do it the mets did yesterday, after getting the
6:47 am
inning to nothing, he gives himself a gift right here, first of two long homeruns. this log shot gives the race a five-zero lead. the rays when it eight-one. alex rodriguez had an mri. he left the game with oblique strain. no word whether he'll hit the disabled list. an mba, bad like for the warriors, game four with their series with the rocket. only to be hurt again. in the second quarter it looks like moisture on the floor cause that. he injured his right knee. he will get an mri but you expect them to miss some time. despite his absent they beat houston 121-94. taking a three - one lead in the
6:48 am
media they said they will go to umc. history reads happy to announce that i'm back on usd 200, on getting this went on for the fans. >> ben: in other words he bluffed, he called it, he realized he was going to missed 200 bucks. >> duke: there's been a misdemeanor assault charge, formal announcement announcement is expected today, man cell, former cleveland browns was accused of hitting his asks girlfriend. she temporarily lost hearing in one ear from being hit so hard.
6:49 am
if it's official today. and mandel you you just hope he gets it better. >> juliet: thank you duke. >> ben: nice weekend. how will the week look. >> mike: pretty good. we have wet weather here and there but we can actually use him. we are behind in the pollen in the area is bothering a lot of folks out there. today's forecast high temp for today, 68 degrees record highs 91 degrees. the sun is up and doing its thing, were seen in mixed sky out there. 52 a nor, for 20 newark, 51 in bridgeport and islip, 48 in montauk. temps are warmer than it was 24 hours hours ago, some places a lot warmer. 11 degrees warmer for you in monticello. the the general trend is a warmer temps out there.
6:50 am
we have cooler air behind the front yesterday and warmer air tried to make a comeback here of the tri-state. more clouds covered with that. eventually some showers thanks to that area of low pressure that will swing through bring us a raid by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. high temp 60 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow 64 degrees with degrees with periods of rain. high of 63 in wednesday, 59 on thursday with more shower chances. it. it dries up on friday, saturday, sunday sunny skies with temps where they should be this time of year. daily and hourly forecast at the fox five ny weather app. now over to you. >> juliet: infidelities going on in a very famous marriage. >> ben: did jay-z cheat on beyonce ?
6:51 am
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6:53 am
it alludes to maybe she did. >> ines: we have a problem in the bronx in new jersey.
6:54 am
slower because of an accident blocking the lane. in new jersey there is an accident investigation causing a traffic jam jam on 78 eastbound by exit 26. at least one lane close. you have a multi- mile delay there. the trains are all running on are close to schedule. >> ben: the grammy-winning 1972 me and mrs. jones artist has died. he died in south jersey from pancreatic cancer. he was 81 years old. i'm surprised that you do not stay up late last night it was the premier of season six game of thrones. some bars in the city were packed. >> juliet: i need to leave this
6:55 am
if you haven't haven't seen it yet turn it down. can you read this for me. >> ben: they cannot wait, the answer is we don't know yet juliet. we we do know a lot more about the red woman alejandra, apparently apparently she's a lot older than she appeared. game of throne airs on sunday nights on hbo. >> juliet: beyonce 's new album is out on itunes. >> ben: it is titled lemonade, it premiered exclusively for 1799 but on 12:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m. this morning it hit apple's online store. it was surprising because she is part owner of the title. >> juliet: maybe there's trouble with jay-z. >> ben: could be.
6:56 am
one of the songs on lemonade that kind of alluded to the fact that there was an affair. kelly clarkson shared two pictures of her adorable baby boy. >> juliet: she posted these video pictures on twitter last night. # watch out ladies, notice she says she hadn't slept in days and this is their second child. >> ben: bruce springsteen performing in brooklyn over the weekend. he opened at the show with an emotional tribute to prints. take a look.
6:57 am
wore purple, he will be at the berkeley center tonight. >> ben: that is it for us on this monday morning. happy anniversary to my wife. >> juliet: that's great you have been together forever.
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greg: offering you high, everybody. rosanna: the pictures are going to these close. it is going to be a little cloudy this morning. we will have the full forecast coming up. greg: our new house on the campaign trail. ted cruz and john cusic. teaming up to stop double 12. all of them have been on "good day new york" at one point or another. rosanna: more investigations into mannered people ceos fund-raising.


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